Nebuilah at the Hilton Hotel. 10/16/2016.

Nebuilah at the Hilton Hotel during the taping of the “Yo Soy Caliente” music video. 10/16/2016.

Nebuilah is a 26 year old singer, dancer, and musician from New Jersey, United States. She currently has five released music recording albums, The New League: Part i (2012), The New League: Part ii (2013), PRIMA (2015), Nebuilah (2016), and Munda Música (2016).

Nebuilah entered the music industry in 2010 when she began recording music with a local DJ in Central New Jersey. Months later in February 2011, Nebuilah’s first song “Superstar” was released on Facebook.com and also soundclick.com. She quickly became one of the most listened to artists of all time. With a six year dance education and a university education in music, Nebuilah decided to pave her own way in the music industry. After turning down two record deals in 2012, she continued on in her music career by performing at local restaurants and music clubs in New Jersey and New York to promote her music.

Nebuilah started a business with a number of investors called Nebuilah Entertainment Corporation in Winter 2012. In 2013, she performed 10 concerts in the tri-state area and California to begin a entertainment career. She currently holds the record for the most attended music concert in history at Hersheypark theme park in Hershey, PA, which was held on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 at 12:30PM. This concert later became a part of a ten concert regional tour: Nebuilah World Tour 2014. which was sponsored by Nebuilah Entertainment Corporation. This tour opened doors for her to get booked for shows across the country, and she was then featured in HBO and Lifetime documentaries about her rise to stardom. Footage on her concerts can be found all over the internet.

She has had major concerts at venues including Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California, Military Park in Newark, NJ, Pier A in Hoboken, NJ, Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA,  Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, Nutley Stadium in Nutley, NJ, the Igbo Cultural Center in Houston, Texas, The Attic in New York City, NY, Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ, and many other venues. She also has collaborated with many mainstream musicians and artists in the music recording studio. She has been featured by GUCCI, GAP, Michael Kors, Oprah, CNN, ABC, Rolling Stone, TIME, HBO, MTV, Lifetime, TMZ, VOGUE, OVATION, DAAR GROUP, NJ.com, Telemundo, Univision, and many other major news outlets around the world.  She has a number of Billboard.com #1 hit music singles.

Nebuilah has received awards from Billboard, Premios Billboard, MTV, Telemundo, ASCAP, the GRAMMY AWARDS, and the BRIT AWARDS beginning in 2015. She was a celebrity liaison to the American Cancer Society, and in September 2015, began a one year philanthropic #WrapItUp campaign to promote safe sex and STD prevention. She is currently working on her sixth album, All’s Fair In Love And Glamour (set to be released in 2018) and getting ready for her next concerts!

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