Nebuilah’s next song, “Possessive”, will be released on August 1st!

Nebuilah and her team have been dealing with concert cancellations this year admidst some more successful productions. She has also been working hard in the music studio and on video sets for her next album.

“All’S Fair in Love and Glamour” is Nebuilah’s sixth album and is scheduled to be released early in 2018.

Nebuilah just finished her next song from the album, “Possessive”. This song and music video are going to be released together on August 1st!

This song is the next single after two previously released songs from the album, “Perfect Little Doll” and “I’m Vain”.

Look out for this song on August 1st!

Nebuilah on set at the “Possessive” music video shoot. 6/17/2017.