“Perfect Little Doll” music video, ‘All’s Fair In Love And Glamour’, and more information on cancelled concerts!

Check out Nebuilah’s newest music video to her latest song, “Perfect Little Doll”!

Perfect Little Doll is the first song on Nebuilah’s next album, ‘All’s Fair In Love And Glamour’ set to be released later this year. “Perfect Little Doll” will hit airwaves next month!

Nebuilah has been working hard in the recording studio perfecting her voice and making music.

Unfortunately, some concerts were missed by Nebuilah in the past few months. She missed a showcase event in the Bronx, NY on December 17th because of bad weather which prevented her from traveling to New York City. There was also an event in Baltimore, Maryland called The Baltimore Christmas Village which Nebuilah missed because the sound and production team were sick and unable to come to the event. She also almost missed the Rock The Aisle Bridal Show on November 20th.

To Nebuilah fans who planned on attending these events, please accept Nebuilah Entertainment’s deepest apologies for these missed events and get ready for the next concerts. Unfortunately, these things happen, and Nebuilah and her team are working hard to make sure that her upcoming concerts will be a success!

We are currently preparing for Nebuilah’s next private and SOLD OUT concerts in Winter 2017, so please stay tuned for more open ticketed concerts and events for you to attend!

Make sure to tune into The GRAMMYS and The BRIT Awards in February to see Nebuilah perform on television! More information will be available in the beginning of February where to watch these award shows. And, to all the ticket holders and attendees for Nebuilah’s next events in New Orleans and Milano, thank you and she and her team will see you there!

Caracas, Venezuela.

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Caracas, Venezuela is located in Northern Venezuela, a country in South America. Caracas is home to many businesses including museums, malls, restaurants, and many others. It is an industrial hub in South America and one of the continent’s most influential cities. It is located along the Guaire River, and its population is over 5,000,000 people. It is the Capital of Venezuela. Caracas is also considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Special thanks to some of Nebuilah’s team members!

Special thanks to Lazarus, Natalie, Theo, Shelly, Tiffany E., Leroy, George, and Silverado. These are some team members that really made a difference with Nebuilah Entertainment Corporation in 2016 and it was a pleasure having you.

We are looking forward to another outstanding year, and thank you all for being with us. Keep motivating!