What’s next for Nebuilah???

Nebuilah poses at Old Bridge Waterfront Park. Photography by J. Jarrett. 7/24/2016.



Nebuilah is reportedly back in the spotlight as SINGLE and ready to… WORK 😊!!!

On Monday, this diva turned 26 years old and has apparently cut all her previous beaus loose to focus on her music career.

Her next album is called “Munda Música” and is in all Spanish. We heard that Nebuilah took a crash course in the Spanish language to gear up for this cross-over album!

We think it’s going to be a hit!

Are you heading out to a Nebbie concert this month? Later this month, Nebbie heads to Brazil for an Olympic celebratory concert. Make sure to catch her strutting a stage LIVE or on television!

One thought on “What’s next for Nebuilah???

  1. This looks good! The consistency of this website keeps me coming back for more and more. Thank you!

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