FREE music streaming of Nebuilah’s first three albums!

We are all anticipating Nebbie’s fourth album release on May 5th, and meanwhile, all of Nebuilah’s albums are available online for free streaming. Click the CD covers below to listen to Nebuilah’s music:

“The New League: Part i” album cover (Nebuilah’s first album)


new league1
“The New League: Part ii” album cover (Nebuilah’s second album)


“PRIMA” album cover. (Nebuilah’s third album)


Why is such great music available for free listening online might you ask? Nebuilah’s music reaches new listeners and music fans everyday, and we here at Nebuilah World work hard with Nebuilah Entertainment Corporation to produce some of the best fan responses and customer satisfaction yet! Don’t have any of Nebbie’s albums on your computer? No problem. Just stream them!

We are also looking for NEW artists to feature on our monthly playlists! Make sure to reach out to us via the CONTACT NEBUILAH ENTERTAINMENT tab and follow the instructions to submit new music!