With a new album on the way and a January full of performances, it seems Nebuilah is the busiest woman in the entertainment industry!

Today is an American holiday and even Nebuilah is off work.

For the day at least.

Nebuilah spent last week preparing for the release of her latest music video, “I Am Not A Plaything” which was filmed at iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey. This music video was a fan favorite and even made Nebuilah some new music fans!

This music video was completed on the 4th of January and Ms. Nebuilah did a photo shoot the same day. The story line for this creative and family friendly music video was completed by Nebuilah and her  promotional team that she works with in New Jersey.

She has also finished the recording of “Nebuilah”, her next album, which was completed yesterday. “Another Lonely Christmas Eve” will be on “Nebuilah” although it is certainly not a Christmas album. This album is shorter than the previous three with only 12 tracks and is currently being retouched by Nebuilah’s music engineers. The album will premiere indefinitely this Summer 2016.

In addition to the completion of her album, Nebuilah performed twice in New York City this past weekend. On Saturday, Nebuilah performed for Capital M Enterprise’s party at “The Attic” in New York City and was introduced as the “beautiful Nebuilah”. The lovely host made comments about her first track “Superstar”. Nebuilah also performed again last night as a featured performer at Cake Shop for Drop On Top Entertainment and Power 105’s “I Got The Power Showcase” where she was introduced again as “the beautiful Nebuilah” by Deejaye Melod which had this diva bursting with confidence and smiles. She performed songs from “PRIMA” at both events.

Nebuilah also wrapped up another photo shoot on Friday and is on to begin a promo tour for her next album, “Nebuilah”. Check out one of the photos below! We can’t wait to hear more from this megastar!

Nebuilah photo shoot with J. Michael. 1/15/2016.

Author: Nebuilah

Nebuilah is a world famous music entertainer, singer, songwriter, and dancer. She has recorded five music albums: "The New League Part: i" (2012); "The New League: Part ii" (2013); "PRIMA" (2015); "Nebuilah" (2016); and her first Spanish language album, "Munda Música" (2017).

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