Nebuilah explains the hardest parts of recording her upcoming album, “PRIMA”.


Nebuilah photo shoot with Zander NJ. 8/20/2014.

With just over a month from the release of Nebuilah’s newest music album, “PRIMA”, anticipation is building for the first listen and review of this album. Music fans around the world are wondering if this album will be better than NEBUILAH’s first two albums “The New League: Part i” and “The New League: Part ii”.

We sat down with Ms. Nebuilah and asked her to explain the hardest parts in the album release process.

“The album is definitely different from the first two. I’ve changed a lot since I started recording “The New League: Part i” in 2010,” Nebuilah explains. “It’s not just my hair color either. The first album was a lot about partying and getting into trouble because I was working at nightclubs and go-go bars. The second was like a love song album about a guy I was dating in 2011 and 2012. But “PRIMA” is about me as a single woman traveling around the country promoting myself, doing shows, looking for a more serious relationship, etc. I have definitely improved as a singer. This one is definitely coming out on time, and I’m already thinking about my fourth album.”

Clubs and radio stations around he world have already begun spinning the five singles on “PRIMA”: “Resuscitate Me”, “Tell Them I’m Your Lover”, “With Me”, “I Am Not A Plaything”, & “Sexy Time”. These songs seem to tell a story of a young celeb with swagger, money, and the looks to play Ms. Perfect, Ms. Popular, a Music Queen, and more!

We can’t wait for “PRIMA” at Nebuilah World!

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