Nebuilah discusses why she doesn’t like to be called a “model” and her growth as an artist since “The New League: Part i” !


Nebuilah photo shoot at Branch Brook Park. 8/29/2012.


Nebuilah takes a picture with Arielle Rothman after her American Cancer Society concert performance. 10/26/2013.


Nebuilah sings on stage at Rutger’s West Indian Student Organization’s Caribbean Day festival. 4/18/2015.

Since 2012, Nebuilah has done many photo shoots and has appeared in advertisements for GAP, Coca-Cola, GUCCI, Michael Kors, Rolling Stone, and various other media advertisements. Although it is the most common thing asked of this 24 year old diva, Nebuilah has admitted that she doesn’t consider herself to be a model, and that she uses the photographs to market herself as a singer.

“I like to be excellent at everything I do,” Nebuilah remarks. “I did a walk for Michael Kors which was like an 8 on a scale on 1-10. I’m like, I’m never doing that again! But seriously, I’m photogenic, but modelling is an art too, and I can’t be serious in it while I’m focusing so much on my music career. I really do spend a lot of time rehearsing for the studio and networking with my investors. I should spend more time networking with DJ’s, but I’m giving myself time. I’m modest about my looks and I am focusing on getting my album done. My voice hasn’t fully recovered from that flu I had in December so I’m taking my time hitting my new high notes.”

Nebuilah opened up Caribbean Day at Rutgers University on Saturday, April 18th. There was an outstanding applause, and fans even yelled out “Queen Her” in the crowd. As the 6th big stage that Nebuilah has appeared on since October 2013, will the Queen ever decide to book and do a stadium tour?

“I decided to wait until PRIMA drops,” Ms. Iheme admits. “While I was with my old dancers I was satisfied with the idea of going on tour only two albums in, but it didn’t work out; they weren’t ready. It was a disappointment for me… they were always asking me to split my money with them… They wanted to like rob me, they were greedy. I put my time in and I don’t think they aspired to perform on any stage.”

Some people wondered how Nebuilah coped with all the wannabes and haters sounding off on blogs and other websites asking Nebuilah to quit music and even insane comments like “let me be you”.

“I’m strong, that doesn’t affect me,” says Nebuilah. “I tap where it’s coming from in my haters and it’s the dissatisfaction with their own lives. I mean if Hilary Clinton or even hmm (laughs) I dunno, a more humble person said something crazy like “let me be you” I would want them to calm down. But in real life, I am very satisfied with my success, my family is comfortable, I’m moving past my exes and just want to get this album done.”

Apparently Fendi has asked Nebuilah to model for them as well, but Nebuilah was unsure if the additional modelling gig would restructure her music too much.

“I already lost my dancers. It’s upsetting to me because they were very good dancers, and I am as well, and now I don’t really get the chance to incorporate that into my shows. I’ve been asked to go my whole music career without dancing, and while I don’t mind, I feel it’s a pity I don’t get to showcase that talent and the joy it brings me. I AM the youngest prima ballerina (laughs). I can’t wait until PRIMA is out really because I’m just going to do another album right after, I’m not going to wait this time. I am in love with music. And I finally won an award, yay! But it’s no time for me to stop, I’m only 24, I’m not into early retirement. I want to do many more albums before I get out of music. I can’t believe two albums but me at the top… I deal with a lot of jealousy, but I’m fine. I just hope other artists can let it go eventually.”

We have also spotted Nebuilah hard at work at a fabric store close to her hometown designing clothes for her fashion line “Vrai Futur”. Stay tuned for more updates from this singer and check out more to look forward to.

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